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Welcome, Dear Sacred Soul,
We have been anticipating your arrival...


You are a magnificent expression of Source Prime Creator. Thank you, for following the energy that brought you here to this sacred space. It is such an honor to connect here for the highest expression of love and reverence for each other and all of humanity. 


Sacred activations, holistic spiritual coaching sessions, classes, and workshops. To expand awareness and create lightness and ease through your awakening and ascension experience. Restoring balance, through holistic solutions for aligning; heart, mind, body, and soul for peaceful, vibrant, joyful BEING. Remember you are loved and supported always."​


Angelique M. Larson 


A Sacred Gift From My Heart To Yours


The Love & Light of Oneness 5-Day Shamballa Workshop Experience

Beginning Monday, December 11th, 2023


Peaceful Presence Weekly Meditation

Thursday Evenings at 7:00PM PST


Thank you, for connecting!

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