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Celestial Star Families of Light




4 Hours 44 Minutes


About the Course

Heart Healing and Illumination of the Sacred Cosmic Heart - LIVE ZOOM
Saturday, February 24th, 2024
Duration 1:11PM-4:33PM PST

​Healing and Illumination of the Sacred Heart with Source, The Cosmic Mother in sacred space of Lemurian love and light, we will clear blockages and illuminate your heart, for profound deep healing, as we all receive light code activations that are connected to our Celestial Star Family Lineages. Removing limiting energies from the psyche and your being. Connecting with your Celestial Ancestry in the quantum field, for expanded states of awareness, full alignment and integration of your multidimensional soul aspects and higher self. There over 13 activations within this workshop that will dynamically shift and expand your consciousness, fully aligning you and becoming fully integrated in the sacred present now.

There are many people longing to connect with their star families and star origins. This is completely.
natural, this is a soul longing. Let these transmissions throughout this workshop be a bridge for that

These transmissions are one way we your cosmic family can reach you. This happens through the combination of Angelique's loving intention and the light codes that are transmitted through her voice throughout this and all of the workshops she facilitates. And the guides that come through from each star nation that she discusses.

The Love, connection, recognition and belonging you are seeking with your star families is a longing for a deeper connection with Source and your Sacred Divinity within. Always go to your heart for answers and to strengthen your connection with your Higher Self.

Your larger purpose is to bring heaven to earth. To bring forth the god-force to create. You are infinite and precious.

We love you. You are us and we are you.

We Are One in the Light.

Topics Discussed:

Lemuria and Our Celestial Star Family of Light
​Healing and Activation of the Sacred Cosmic Heart
Cosmic Light Code Activation - Expanded states of Consciousness
Remembering your celestial star lineages - Activations Throughout Discussion
Opening the Third Eye - Exercise with Mayan Light Language
Reading Auras of Others Including Cosmic Beings - Technique
Discussion of 13 Star Nations of Many - Characteristics and so much more!
13 Activations from 13 Star Lineages
Clearing, Healing, Balancing and Integration of light code activations
Channelled Messages from BENU - AA Gabriel

It is an honor to offer this workshop for all of you. And I am looking forward to seeing you all there!
Note: This Mini Class is recommended with Shamballa - The Love and Light of ONENESS 5 Day Workshop

Special Med Bed Healing Included.

Your Instructor

Angelique Larson

Angelique Larson
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