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The Light of Oneness




5 Days


About the Course

The Light of Oneness

This magical workshop is the foundation for life and exactly what we need right NOW

Happiness is the unconditional meeting of life as it is;
not the struggle to understand and accept the external of our reality.
Peace is an attitude not a state of being.
Freedom is the getting close, not running away.
Heaven is Love that is here NOW.

Why do this workshop?
I believe that we are meant to live our ‘ordinary’ daily lives with Grace, beauty and peace.
The Shamballa energy is the grounding power and essential foundation of living life in peace and harmony.
It will ground and empower everything you do.
Unconditional Love when surrendered too, opinions disappear and freedom is found.

Three main aspects
Unveiling heaven on earth - Through acceptance of all that is; in forgiveness, non-judgement, in love, harmony and unity with all that is.
No more confusion and end to miss-information.
Clear explanation and actual experience of each of the 13 dimensions through 13 meditations and 13 Attunements.
Meet and work with your Galactic Family. The Pharos ‘talked’ with their Star brother and sisters. This workshop is an opportunity to meet and work with your own Galactic Family through an attunement by the Galactic Being Mahasmahatman.

Enlightenment and Ascension is the apparent process of reversing the illusion of separation and restoring Oneness with all that is throughout all of Creation.
We have been sold the ideas that we are not good enough and need to heal or improve.

You are divinely perfect now!

Do you really believe this?

LOVE: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the key to seeing this.
This is the gift of Shamballa and the peace you will feel within.

LOVE is freedom

For all of those seeking self-knowledge these initiations truly sever our connections to attachments. It brings a deep Esoteric understanding of the nature of dimensional reality is also attained. Discussion of each of the 13 Dimensions; what they are and the characteristic of each one.

The 1st dimension of gravity is the pull to the still small point
The 2nd dimension of the Devic and Elemental Kingdom
The 3rd dimension as the materialization of Divine design and Geometries
The 4th dimension of the emotional body and gateway to spiritual wisdom
The 5th dimension of mind and this creative potential through love, over lighted by Pleiadian Consciousness
The 6th dimension held by Sirian Consciousness of the Divine Archetypes
The 7th dimension of the sound of the spheres generated by our Galactic Cycles
The 8th dimension of the Language of Light
The 9th dimension of the eternal Samadhi
The 10th dimension of the knowing of the Divine Self
The 11th dimension of the Information Highways of Light
The 12th dimension and the Becoming of Oneness
The 13th dimension of completion and New Beginnings
There are many gifts which become apparent once a participant has attended New Shamballa and integrating the principles into their life which can take up to 12 months to be fully embedded into your system.
Discussion about the Dimensions beyond the 13th
Sacred DNA Activations
Learn how to Channel - Practice in group Sessions
Completely Unified in ONENESS
Plus 2 BONUS Channelings one from The Pleiadian aspect of The Sacred Divine Mother - Divine Feminine Message and Heart Healing Activation
Certification as a Multidimensional Healer with Certificate

For all those seeking self knowledge and initiations in this workshop sever connections in consciousness to our attachments. Indeed there is seen to be no self.
This is a 5 day course which will take you on a journey of self discovery and the ability to be in alignment with everything around you, free from judgment of self, others in the purity of love fully embodied.
This is the gift that comes to you being attuned to the 13 Dimensions with the guidance of the 13 Zen Masters.

Facilitated by: Angelique M. Larson as guided by Source, Metatron, St Germain. Melchizedek, Djwhal Khul, The Angelic Kingdom of Light and the Guardians of Light of each of the 13 Dimensions.


"I just finished the 5 day Shamballa workshop with Angelique and I highly recommend this High Vibrational Exquisite Experience!!! Angelique connects us to higher realms and frequencies that shift and change your current vibration to allow us to receive more Love and Light, transforming denser vibrations of false programming and bringing in the Truth of who we really Are! Divine Love and Light. All who are seeking Truth , Love and Highest Healing connect with Angelique!"
Love and Blessings ~ Susan Nagle

"Angelique has such a Divine gift of teaching and channeling. She is a Master teacher! She pours her heart & soul into each class that I have ever taken from her. And her students are her highest priority to ensure that each of us gets exactly what we need so we can begin the next part of our journeys. It doesn’t matter if you are new to this work or have been doing it for years. If you haven’t taken a class with her yet, I highly suggest that you go to her website, and find a class that resonates with you and dive right in! You will be so happy you did! I am forever grateful to you Angelique, you have leveled me up to a place I hadn’t seen before your Shamballa classes and I now have a clear knowing of what I am teaching in 2022!"
Much Love! ~ Debbie DelBarba Collins

Your Instructor

Angelique M. Larson

International Coach, Dr. Divinity, Spiritual Counselor H.H.P.,
Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Instructor

Angelique M. Larson
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