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Shamballa - 5 Day Workshop

Mon, Jul 26



Shamballa - 5 Day Workshop

New Shamballa is a state of being, a state of Consciousness. It helps us to see through the illusion of programming to see that we are all part of the Divine. Are you ready to release all of the fear that is stealing your freedom and joy?

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Time & Location

Jul 26, 2021, 1:30 PM – Jul 30, 2021, 5:30 PM


About the Event

New Shamballa is a state of being, a state of Consciousness. It helps us to see through the illusion of programming to see that we are all part of the Divine. Are you ready to release all of the fear that is stealing your freedom and joy? The New Shamballa is a system of releasing all programs through powerful activations through 13 Sacred Attunements.  Become the Light Warrior you have always wanted to become – those who defend and fight for light and truth either on the earth or in astral realms.  Those who restore, fight for, and keep balance in all things.  The Light Warrior can and often will do things that Lightworkers do as well,  but most often in a closed and 1-1 setting, and methods used may differ than those of most Lightworkers. 

New Shamballa is the Diamond Light of Unconditional Love.  With this comes absolute personal power, harmony and freedom a way of being and living.  As taught by the old Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  It is the way of living our lives as the Spiritual Warrior.  This means living consciously and with gentle loving discipline for ourselves.  A place in time, and space that you could call a city of perfection, a place where all is LOVE, HARMONY and BALANCE.  It exists on all levels and is said to have existed in the mountains of Tibet. Where we can find all the rays of Creation, all the primordial energies which have been incarnated in those beings we have called the Ascended Masters.  The will and wisdom that enables God’s plan to unfold on Earth and thus experience ourselves as Greater Beings of LOVE.  

There are 13 Attunements to the Vibrations of Shamballa’s pure Diamond Light and Love.  The energies of Shamballa includes 13 separate attunements to each dimension are brought through.  It is a process that enables the participants to feel and experience the Shamballa Love that they hold on each dimensional level. ​ It is an awakening into the multi-dimensional self and to hold these energies a clearing and activation of DNA is needed.  The attunement often opens people up as Channels.  These are very powerful energies first brought to the Earth by St Germain through Hari Baba Melchizedek in May 2000.  The course adds to these energies the gentle LOVE of the Angelic Kingdom of Light.  For all of those seeking self-knowledge these initiations truly sever our connections to attachments.  It brings a deep Esoteric understanding of the nature of dimensional reality is also attained.

  • The 1st dimension of gravity is the pull to the still small point
  • The 2nd dimension of the Devic and Elemental Kingdom
  • The 3rd dimension as the materialization of Divine design and Geometries
  • The 4th dimension of the emotional body and gateway to spiritual wisdom
  • The 5th dimension of mind and this creative potential through love, overlighted by Pleiadian Consciousness
  • The 6th dimension held by Sirian Consciousness of the Divine Archetypes
  • The 7th dimension of the sound of the spheres generated by our Galactic Cycles
  • The 8th dimension of the Language of Light
  • The 9th dimension of the eternal Samadhi
  • The 10th dimension of the knowing of the Divine Self
  • The 11th dimension of the Information Highways of Light
  • The 12th dimension and the Becoming of Oneness
  • The 13th dimension of completion and New Beginnings
  • There are many gifts which become apparent once a participant has attended New Shamballa and integrating the principles into their life which can take up to 12 months to be fully embedded into your system.

For all those seeking self knowledge and initiations in this workshop sever connections in consciousness to our attachments.  Indeed there is seen to be no self. This is a 5 day course which will take you on a journey of self discovery and the ability to be in alignment with everything around you. This is the gift that comes to you being attuned to the 13 Dimensions with the guidance of the 13 Zen Masters. 

Facilitated by: Angelique M. Larson as guided by Source, St Germain. Melchizedek,  Djwhal Khul, The Angelic Kingdom of Light and the Guardians of Light of each of the 13 Dimensions.

To express interest for upcoming workshops email:

5 Day Workshop Daily Monday, July 26th through Friday, July 30th, 2021

Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM PST

via Zoom (Upon registration; the Zoom link will be sent via email.) 

NOTE: If you are seeing this post after the start date and time, you can sill register and participate. I have created a members access page to view each days class recordings, complete with activations. Please, send me a direct email before resitering. 

Namaste, Angelique 





  • Shamballa - 5 Day Workshop


    +$11.10 service fee


    +$11.10 service fee





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