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Shamballa 5 Day Workshop
Shamballa 5 Day Workshop

Mon, Jul 22


Zoom Event

Shamballa 5 Day Workshop

Align as a multidimensional being, experience profound energy clearing, light code activations for your Souls Journey remembrance as you accelerate your awakening and ascension process, with ease and grace.

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Time & Location

Jul 22, 2024, 4:00 PM PDT – Jul 26, 2024, 8:30 PM PDT

Zoom Event

About the Event

The New Shamballa the realization of heaven on earth, ​“living as a master” ​ When  we are well along our spiritual/healing journey or even during our  mundane life we soon become aware just how complex it all is. There is  no one simple system to follow, the more we think we know the more  foolish we make our selves look. None of us are wrong we are just seeing  life through one facet of a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional diamond,  looking down from a different rung of a very long ladder. We  learn about our basic programming according to which of the seven rays  we are working or combinations there-of and work to balance these  energies. We might then discover how our astrological horoscope affects  us, so much so, we go on to work with all the signs of the zodiac and  balance their energies.

 ​Syllabus   Over  our five day workshop you will be attuned to The 13 dimensions of  creation and to the Energy of Unconditional Love and understanding of  each of the 13 dimensions which are listed below, and how the divine  plan works. This workshop confirms the participant as a  multi-dimensional healer with the ability to channel multi-dimensional  beings. You will also receive certificate, as a multidimensional master  practitioner. There is no class manual for this workshop   The 1st dimension of gravity/electromagnetism, is the pull to the still small point. The 2nd dimension of the devas and elemental kingdom. The 3rd dimension as the materialisation of Divine design and geometries. The 4th dimension of the emotional body and gateway to spiritual wisdom. The 5th dimension of mind and this creative potential through love, over lit by Pleadian consciousness. The 6th dimension held by Syrian consciousness of the divine archetypes. The 7th dimension of the sound of the spheres generated by our galactic cycles. The 8th dimension of the language of light. The 9th dimension of eternal Samadhi. The 10th dimension with the knowing of the divine self. The 11th dimension with the information highways of light. The 12th dimension and the becoming of oneness.  The 13th dimension of completion and new beginnings.

Benefits of Taking this Course

  • Release programing of the Subconscious and Conscious mind that are creating limitations in all areas of your life.
  • From  the Heart of Source GOD, All Ascended Masters, The Galactic Masters of  The Divine Spark of Creation and The Legion of Light. Receive The White  Flame of Purification and Activation of the Cosmic Sacred Heart
  • Strengthening Connection with Source, Ascended Masters, Angels and Celestial Beings of Light
  • There  will be powerful light code activations all five days. Including a  celestial activation on the third day, dynamically expanding your to  vast states of consciousness.
  • Feeling lighter, clear and  balanced - As you release all that no longer serves you and the life you  are creating as the grand design of your life.
  • Tuning into your inner knowing - And fully trusting your intuition
  • Connecting into the purest aspect of YOU illuminated in the love and light of oneness with all of creation
  • Full integration of all of your Soul Aspects deeper expansion of consciousness within
  • Full  understanding of the Ascension Process, What is occurring and why? How  this relates to the Psyche, Physical Body and our Human Experience.
  • Full  Discussion of the dimensional planes of existence and how they pertain  to what we experiences in human for from the point of view of our  psyche, our physical living reality within and our external reality.
  • How to cope and shift with our changing times on Earth
  • Doing your inner work, what does that look like and how to go deeper within
  • Connecting with you teams who are here to assist you along your path.
  • Diving  Deep into your Souls lives on other timelines to understand why you  chose to come to Earth. And what you chose to do, in this life.
  • Channeling beings of Pure Love and Light Ascended Masters, Angels and Celestial Beings of Light (Your Ancestors)
  • Consistent Elevation of Your Frequency - No more yo yo highs and lows
  • Distant Healing and Being of Service for the Highest and Greatest Good of All of Humanity
  • How to be a pure channel and channel any celestial divine being of love and light!
  • And as a bonus; I go over how to read the Akashic Records for yourself, loved ones and your furbabies!
  • This experience is literality 4 workshops in ONE!
  • Activations  received will bring blessings of divine healing for 12 months as one  integrates the energies. It will be important to utilized the tools one  has experience over the five days. Consistency with grounding, centering  and self daily care, meditation, hydration and rest when required to  integrate. Know you are loved and supported always.
  • Note: There  are no class material for this workshop experience. On going mentoring  and support is available for those who choose, with mutual compassion,  love and respect.

Shamballa 5 Day Workshop via Zoom June 2024

Cosmic Divine Spark of Creation - The White Flame of Purification & Illumination of the Sacred Heart Shamballa 

  Monday, June 24th 4:00PM-8:33PM PST  Tuesday, June 25th 4:00PM-8:33PM PST  Wednesday, June 26th 4:00PM-8:33PM PST  Thursday, June 27th 4:00PM-8:33PM PST  Friday, June 28th 4:00PM-8:33PM PST  6:00PM - 10:33PM CST

Tuition: $2400 Early Registration $2000 By End of Day Friday June 21st, 2024 11:59PM PST

Payment Options are available  6 Monthly Payments of $333 via Paypal Automatic Credit Card Debit to 

set up this arangement send Angelique a message.

 Potent alignment for a life full of peace, love unity, serenity and joy!  Please,  make sure you are arriving to class hydrated, brings a blanket or  sweater for your comfort. As your body temperature may fluctuate with  the energy healing and shifts you will experience throughout the  workshop. The activations of this workshop will continue over a  12-month period of time.  Support and  Coaching through the process is always available to all open to receive  fully. For the days, weeks and months following our 5 days together.  The  tuition is considered a gift for this experience of light body  activation and profound healing and integration of ones soul aspects to  accelerate ones ascension process. As lower density energies are removed  from your cellular structure and your light body is illuminated with  Source and all of Creation.   This is a massive Transformational 5 Day Workshop 20  hours combined of energy, cellular and dna light code activations,  integration and support over 5 days. With activation from this workshop  downloading and integrating over 12 months after ones takes the  workshop.   Note: There are no class  materials provided with this class. The Light Codes are downloaded  during the class presentation. There is on going mentoring and support.  And a class certificate for this  Shamballa workshops as a  multidimensional healer.   Contact Angelique prior to registration to have a free consultation and discussion.


  • Shamballa - 5 Day Workshop




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