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2 22 22 Cosmic Portal Activation Event Day 1 of 2

2 22 22 Cosmic Portal Activation Event Day 1 of 2


Grand Rising Happy 2 22 22 Portal Activation Day Beautiful Souls! 
Immense Gratitude and Love to All Beings throughout All of Creation. So much Love and Healing to All Open to Receive

Today is the most potent day and the influx of Cosmic Divine Energies and Frequencies of the most high. This Cosmic Portal Gateway will activate remembrance of who you truly are! And catapult your manifestations for the rest of the year and beyond! Feel the luminous love in your heart expand our through your physical body, clearing all that is no longer serving your highest and greatest good. You are here to fully embody your Sovereignty and to design and create the Masterpiece of your Life! As we all focus to be the Love and The Change the World requires in this sacred NOW!

Today we will gather to dance in these supercharged frequencies together. Balancing the physical vessel, all energetic bodies, the mind, and spirit. Intentionally clearing all limitations within swiftly creating space to embody even more of these light codes and blessings. We will be joined by many Cosmic Divine Beings of Light including The Pleiadian High Council. All who attend will receive profound healing as all timelines are cleared through all time and space. You will feel balanced and deep healing within. We will also focus as a group on our collective intentions for creating Heaven on Earth as well as manifesting the Masterpiece of our lives. It’s such an honor and joy to host this event for all who choose. Always know you are LOVED and Supported! Have a Cosmic Day filled with love and ECSTATIC JOY! YOU DESERVE IT! I Love You!

We will be gathering today and tomorrow

2 22 22 at 2:22PM-3:33PM Pacific
2 23 22 at 2:22PM-3:33PM Pacific

Join us as we gather in LOVE and UNITY Consciousness for All 

We will start with intentionally clearing the move into a guided meditation.
You will experience a full balancing technique that will assist you in navigating through the shifts with greater ease.
Clearing of all timelines
Light body activation down to the cellular and DNA level deep healing and inner peace as a result
Illumination of your Sacred Heart 5D and Above based on where you are along your path presently
​ (Uncaging the Sacred Heart To Connect Fully to Your Higher Inner Knowing)

Intentional healing and manifestation for our Magnificent Mother Earth Gaia
Filled with Gratitude and Love for All
As you design the Masterpiece of your life.

  • Includes:

    Instant Download Mp3 File of The Cosmic Portal Activations Day 1
    Approximately 117 minutes

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