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Black Tourmaline Ionic Cleansing Bar

Black Tourmaline Ionic Cleansing Bar


This is now a vegan dairy-free product with a slightly different scent The Ultimate BODY and AURA CLEANSE WHY BLACK SOAP is the NEW SUPER CLEAN? Black Tourmaline is known throughout Japan and scientific communities for its high amount of healthy negative ions. Among many benefits, these ions can assist and be supportive in opening up and releasing stuck dirt, grime, and even toxic electronic or negative emotional energies.


AURA CLEANSE? The aura field around our bodies has now been scientifically proven to exist. They can become filled with an accumulation of toxic emotional energy (the negative thoughts or emotions of ourselves or those around us) and toxic electronic energy (cell phones, computers, WiFi etc). Recent holographic blood studies show toxic energies in our field can form into disease and or negative life experiences. In our electromagnetic universe, the signals that are projected, affect what is attracted back to us.

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