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Book a Private Sacred Activation Session with Angelique

Book a Private Sacred Activation Session with Angelique

$333.00 Regular Price
$222.00Sale Price

Book a private coaching session with Angelique 


Your session will be customized to meet you where you are in this present moment. For alignment and pure activation with love. Monthly packages are available. 


During a session I will ask you to focus on an issue and how it affects you. Then we run the energy through your core beliefs, genetic influencers of your ancestral line and past lives you have experienced same or more (if you are not sure about past lives that's OK, you just step out of the way and just allow and trust as you are in sacred space).


You will then be unplugged from group consciousness of lack / fear / shame / greed / social media, and much much more. We will complete the process with grounding which takes you into the nurturing and loving frequencies of Mother Earth. From here the new energies are then flooded through the body to revitalize and support you. You will feel very peaceful.

Sacred Activations are powerful and you can feel the energy the moment they start to run. You will begin to notice over the coming days weeks how you have shifted your view or feeling about something that was causing you stress or concern. Your decision making will be from a place of more clarity and trust. Your life you will see from a NEW perspective and then experience the fun of manifesting new things and a new sense of Purpose - VITALITY = Synchronicity that you never thought possible. Sacred Activation's have changed my life and can change your life as as well.

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