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Laundry Soap Alternative & Vibe Infusion

Laundry Soap Alternative & Vibe Infusion


GOOD FOR OUR BODIES– Synthetic toxic chemicals contained in soaps (even most eco-friendly soaps) leave a toxic residue in our clothing that is absorbed transdermal (via the skin) bringing toxins to our entire systems. YAH! Bye, Bye toxic icky soap! GOOD FOR THE EARTH! No more polluting the PLANET and her precious water with toxic soap chemicals that end up back in our water supplies, harming plants, trees, animals, children and us. GOOD FOR OUR WALLET– the average family spends between 300.00- 400.00 per year on laundry soap. GOOD FOR CONVENIENCE– No one enjoys running out of laundry or dishwashing detergent.


Nor lugging the heavy containers home. Never run out again! LESS PLASTIC WASTE- think of all the plastic detergent containers per year that are no longer going into the landfills! Yeah!!! Every time we use these, we show our LOVE for our EARTH and ourselves.


One ball last 6 months – 1 YEAR With special VibesUP technology (MAT ROCKS) included helping reharmonize synthetic clothing

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