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28 Golden Seal Foundational Sacred Activations

What is a “Sacred Activation” – Sacred Activations are a powerful energy boost to clear out old programs and memories, thoughts, suppressed feelings, and emotions that are located in the cells of your body, your auric field, and your DNA. That are keeping one from their true potential and realizing the truth of their nature within. These activations accelerate your ascension process by expanding your consciousness. So you can reach your full potentiality as the creator being that you are. To experience more ease through PLAY and JOY in your life.

We are all changing and evolving very quickly. As the shift on our planet continues to occur as we experience higher realms of Light. The third-dimensional grid system (3D)  is filled with fear and suffering energy and this keeps you locked into those energies. These Activations are very subtle and you can feel the energies, the moment the activations begin to run. All you do is get out of the way, let go and allow the process to begin. And be open to receiving the Cosmic Divine healing energies; that is coming directly from Source (Your Higher Self). Allowing you to heal yourself through this process.

I would suggest listening to the first 3 activations Lord Metatron, Moses Code, and Avebury Stonehenge first then moving on to the ones you would like to listen to after. These are the first three foundational activations, and by listening to these first you will clear and enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. You will also experience deeper and profound healing with each additional activation you listen to as a result


Preparation for receiving Sacred Activations

  • Drink some water, 8 to 12 oz

  • Prepare a place where you can sit or lay down and get comfortable

  • Have everything available to you, a glass of water, a blanket to keep you cozy

  • If lying down place a pillow under your knees, this will assist the body in allowing the energy to flow

  • During the activation focus on the FEELING associated with the issue, you want to clear

  • If you don’t have a feeling to focus on that is OK too, just sit back, relax, close your eyes and enjoy the energy of the activation

(see disclaimer) After your session: please drink water and relax.


DISCLAIMER IT IS RECOMMENDED DO NOT OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE during and for at LEAST an HOUR after listening too. It is okay if you fall asleep, and you can listen to the activations on low as you fall asleep as the energy will still run. How does it get any better than that?

  • Please note after listening to these activations you may feel tired, and feel like taking a nap after or you may be full of energy. Everyone experiences them differently. You may notice old feelings etc. will come to the surface, right away or after a few days when the old stuff comes up that you may have thought you dealt with already, please know it is showing up for the LAST time, and will not feel like this anymore. There will be a void like it wasn't there {no sadness, nothing, the memory will be there still but the effect of the memory will not be there} release of anger/resentment can experience mild cold/flu symptoms.

  • The activations don't stop running.. they keep on running until it is fully integrated.... the more you listen to the activations the easier it will be to integrate, so please listen to them over and over again. Most I would recommend is listening to them once or twice a week/ a maximum of 4 a day. You can choose to listen to them for a month or two or whenever something comes up - it is totally up to you :)

  • Note an activation can take from a week to 3 months or 6 months or even a year to fully integrate- the more you listen to them the more they can integrate quickly; however do so with caution as these are very powerful energy that comes directly from Source. Infinite Gratitude and so much Love. Thank you, for BEING! And Enjoy The Activations!



Thank you for connecting!

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