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Cosmic Rose 10ml - Activation & Self Healing

Cosmic Rose 10ml - Activation & Self Healing

$55.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price

The Cosmic Rose  10ml
Introducing a light language infused organic rose 

oil inspired by the Love of the Cosmic Mother. An
organic oil that leaves an elegant and flowery
trail wherever you go. Expanding your self-love
within an love with all of creation. 


Suggested Use:
For the skin, can be utilised for healing the sacred heart, to release energy blockages and expand ones, love energy.

Organic Rose Oil 10ml: Contains Organic Rose Oil and Organic Coconut Oil, 528hz Infused with LOVE. 

Mp3 Cosmic Heart Transmission is included
with your order. A special gift of appreciation and love.

 Organic Oil 10ml 55 USD

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